Part II: Why We Continue To Work When Technology Can Make Our Lives Easier

Innovative technology has aided all areas of human existence. From affordable home technologies to google images, technology has contributed and continues to contribute to the betterment of our daily lives.

How we communicate with each other has evolved, thanks to the internet. Not only that, we have also succeeded in simplifying numerous systemic operations through the utilization of advancing technology.

Productivity and convenience in our daily lives have also improved with information technology. We have gained access to any information with a simple click of a button. New gadgets and tools have been implemented to make things just a bit easier.

As a kid, I played outside with other neighborhood kids almost every day. There was always something to do and always a new game to play. We didn’t have iPhones or PS4s that essentially tethered us to a chair for hours at a time. We ran around and played under the sun while breathing in always fresh air. And naturally, we honed our social skills as ventured through the neighborhood.

Today, some of actually resist technology and resist to implement it to our daily lives because of our childhood. Some of us are just “stuck” in our childhood years when we were okay with not having a smartphone or a tablet. Those who resist technology do not wish to move on from traditional ways of living.

This is due to the fact that they simply lack the ability to see themselves in a seemingly complex world. In other words, those who resist modern technology want to live in a world that is simple. After all, it is easier to flip through magazines and newspapers than to set up the various settings in your iPhone.

With that said, I have personally embraced technology and continue to use it to make my life easier. It makes me laugh when I recall the times when I was the one that had to bring a 5 pound camera with film to family vacations. These days, the smartphones have double the capabilities of a handheld digital camera. We even have the selfie sticks now!

Going on trips with the family meant driving that family van. I remember when my parents would have to search through the newspaper to find a suitable vehicle for the family. They then had to show up to an office just to inquire about the car. Nowadays, one can conveniently click some buttons to order a brand new or used car/ motorcycle. Do you use Google? Or Bing?

And when we would finally return home and had to unload the car, we had to go downstairs to tell someone to unlock the car because we had forgotten something. It’s just so easy to text someone else in the house now to notify them about miscellaneous things. I can just text my brother downstairs to water the plants rather than yelling at him from the bedroom in hopes of him hearing me. Less noise is pretty cool, right?

Part I: Why We Continue To Work When Technology Can Make Our Lives Easier

Technology has improved the quality of life everywhere we look. But, we still continue to do things manually. For some, doing things the old fashion way versus convenience is still a no brainer. Or like they say, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

What we still do manually

Electric garage door openers have replaced the need to manually open the door, and even the best electric garage openers are available at a moderate price. Yet, we often still do it by hand which puts tons of strain on our backs. Rumbas exist and yet not every home has one. We put our cars through giant car washing funnels, but when the weather is nice on a weekend there are still plenty of people hand washing their car. Automation is available for some of the chores we have, yet we have truly embraced it.

Why do we still work manually?

What is it about working with our hands? A sense of accomplishment? Self-reliance? Maybe some of us don’t trust technology enough to remove us from the equation. Automation has removed a lot jobs from the workforce putting us humans out on the streets looking for another way to make income. Jobs once available are now being occupied by lifeless robots. Maybe the fear of being replaced is why some of us choose to do things the old-fashion way.


When we were all growing up we wanted to do things by our self. The older we got the more independent we wanted to be. Nothing has changed. Independence is a big influence on our actions. I’m not going to let a machine chop my vegetables because I can do it myself. I want to be in control of how thin or thick I want them cut.


Doing work ourselves puts us in control. We determine the outcome and do not rely on anyone or anything to make final decisions. Truth is, people don’t have as much control in their life as they think. Something simple like cutting paper with scissors gives us control over how much is cut. Small, but some control is better than none.

Technology equals laziness

We could be looking at all this the wrong way. Technology has made our lives easier. I can’t remember a phone number. Don’t need to since my phone has all my contacts saved. That’s probably where the problem is. Relying too much on technology is a crutch. We as humans have become reliant and lazy. We already don’t hunt and gather our food. Cell phones keep us in touch without human interaction. Before long humans won’t need to leave their house. Everything will be delivered. Kind of is already like that once you think about it.

People are going to continue to work manually even with technology advancing by leaps and bounds. That sense of self-accomplishment, no matter how minor, will continue to drive us as with independence.

Why Do We Drink Bottled Water Instead of Filtered?

Water is a free natural resource flowing through our taps at home, but millions of people choose to drink bottled water. Decades ago no one had even heard of drinking water from a bottle. These days there’s so many varieties of different kinds of bottled water it could make your head spin. So why psychologically do we feel the need to drink bottled water? Is filtered water just as good? What is the best option?

Bottled water is convenient. You go to the grocery store and grab a nice plastic bottle of water instead of putting your head under a water fountain for five minutes. Of course, you could just as easily fill up a cup at your sink. However, if you’re in a hurry and stop in a store, grabbing that bottled water is healthier than choosing the soda.

Many consumers think bottled water comes from a magical spring filled with unicorns. The truth is that a lot of bottled water actually comes from a local municipal water supply. This is exactly where your tap water comes from. Artesian well water comes from aquifers that are usually pure. This doesn’t mean this type of water is any cleaner or better than tap water. Mineral water come from an underground source and contains 250 parts per million total dissolved liquids. Spring water is also from an underground source, but one that has to flow naturally to the surface. Well water is taken from an aquifer. All of these can be bottled and are regulated by the FDA, but this does not mean they are any healthier or tastier than tap water.

People often fear weird things they think might be in tap water, or even the smell and color of that tap water. They may claim bottled water is simply better. One way many people fix this fear without stocking up on hundreds of bottles of water is getting a water filter to treat your whole house. An entire home water treatment system ensures water tastes good and is free of anything scary. The best part about a water filter is you can still stick a bottle under the spout for the convenience of sticking it in your purse or lunchbox just like a bottle of pretty much the same thing you’d be purchasing at the store.

Stories about tap water containing pollutants that cause illness simply scare people. They sometimes think filtered water won’t get everything out. The odds are that your water is 100% safe and probably even contains fluoride to clean your teeth, but there’s always that tiny chance something is lurking in the pipes. That worry seems to be stripped when we grab a bottle of water. We put our trust in the bottling company that they took out any and all pollutants and made that water taste amazing. Let’s face it, some tap water tastes much different than other tap water. You can always ensure whatever brand you’re buying tastes the same as when you bought it before and you aren’t worried about sickness.

The Psychology of Making Money

There is certainly something special about making something that you didn’t have before. The human was built to create and make things. We were meant to learn how to support ourselves. There is truth to every one of these statements.

The psychology of making money is very powerful. We are taught that to be successful, we must make goals and reach those goals. One of the goals can be to support yourself and when you do so, you feel pride in what you do. The pride you experience when you are either taking care of yourself or taking care of your family is a very positive emotion.

Money is important for survival and for the economy. if you don’t have a steady flow of however much money you need to live, you are really in trouble. There has always been a system of getting things you want, whether by bartering or buying them for money. There will always be things we want, but with money, priorities are needed.

Making money is always a good thing and what makes it even better, is doing something you love that you are good at! It makes you feel productive and proves what you are doing to make money is worthwhile to you. This makes you want to make money over and over, while bettering your talents you are giving yourself and family peace of mind.

Whether it is one dollar or one hundred dollars you make, you can be proud of yourself for having more than you had before. This also makes you appreciate the things you get a little more and know what you want to spend your money on.

Psychology, for the most part, explains why we do the things that we do. It has been the pattern for decades or even centuries to go to work and make money for the family or the individual if they weren’t married. Going to work and making money meant different things to different people. Maybe it would be going to work on the farm or making pieces of art to sell. There are more ways to make money than ever before; since electronics and computers have the technology to do almost anything.

Making money is great and it is great for you because of the positive emotions it gives you. The feelings you get are powerful, so you keep doing it. This leads to feelings of accomplishment and that is also good. Making money, doing whatever you can, is good and great for your family.