Part I: Why We Continue To Work When Technology Can Make Our Lives Easier

Technology has improved the quality of life everywhere we look. But, we still continue to do things manually. For some, doing things the old fashion way versus convenience is still a no brainer. Or like they say, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

What we still do manually

Electric garage door openers have replaced the need to manually open the door, and even the best electric garage openers are available at a moderate price. Yet, we often still do it by hand which puts tons of strain on our backs. Rumbas exist and yet not every home has one. We put our cars through giant car washing funnels, but when the weather is nice on a weekend there are still plenty of people hand washing their car. Automation is available for some of the chores we have, yet we have truly embraced it.

Why do we still work manually?

What is it about working with our hands? A sense of accomplishment? Self-reliance? Maybe some of us don’t trust technology enough to remove us from the equation. Automation has removed a lot jobs from the workforce putting us humans out on the streets looking for another way to make income. Jobs once available are now being occupied by lifeless robots. Maybe the fear of being replaced is why some of us choose to do things the old-fashion way.


When we were all growing up we wanted to do things by our self. The older we got the more independent we wanted to be. Nothing has changed. Independence is a big influence on our actions. I’m not going to let a machine chop my vegetables because I can do it myself. I want to be in control of how thin or thick I want them cut.


Doing work ourselves puts us in control. We determine the outcome and do not rely on anyone or anything to make final decisions. Truth is, people don’t have as much control in their life as they think. Something simple like cutting paper with scissors gives us control over how much is cut. Small, but some control is better than none.

Technology equals laziness

We could be looking at all this the wrong way. Technology has made our lives easier. I can’t remember a phone number. Don’t need to since my phone has all my contacts saved. That’s probably where the problem is. Relying too much on technology is a crutch. We as humans have become reliant and lazy. We already don’t hunt and gather our food. Cell phones keep us in touch without human interaction. Before long humans won’t need to leave their house. Everything will be delivered. Kind of is already like that once you think about it.

People are going to continue to work manually even with technology advancing by leaps and bounds. That sense of self-accomplishment, no matter how minor, will continue to drive us as with independence.

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