The Psychology Behind Body Building

The majority has considered bodybuilding as a stress buster, an act of being still, strengthening one’s mind and emotions. It teaches us that by being disciplined, consistent, working hard, being patient, and in tune with self, you can achieve the dream physique and a healthy body.


  • When you discipline your physical body and put effort, it becomes easier for the mental mind to deal with external stress quickly. This is because physical stress seems harder when compared to mental stress. This way, it offers physical and psychological strength to an individual.
  • Consistency over time with bodybuilding teaches patience and discipline. It lets you understand that only with consistent effort, you would achieve your end goal. Nothing comes free or easily, and this mindset helps in your life as well. It also teaches that the result is fruitful only when your entire journey is consistent, and the journey to attain your goal matters equally.
  • Bodybuilding has no final goal, for that matter, it is constant work and effort process. This teaches enjoying each day of work and process.
  • The body responds to a stimulus, and the internal mechanism of it helps you control the response to get the maximum benefit.
  • It is a life changer as it involves meal planning, controlling your cravings, eating healthy, and minimize pleasure eating. You stick to your eating goals like calorie intake, fat burn, and other aspects. The journey and purpose of bodybuilding are to be lean and strong as it HELPS TO BUILD MUSCLE.
  • Your bodybuilding journey, consistency, and hard work motivate others as you set an example by living that lifestyle. Your physical and mental discipline makes you a role model for your family and friends.

Some typical changes in psychology associated with bodybuilding are also noticed with bodybuilding.


  • You often tend to see yourself in the mirror to check if you are getting abs. If you have got abs, you keep admiring them often.
  • You tend to start wearing tight tees that overview your abs and muscles visually. It is like showing your hard work with bodybuilding.
  • You start feeling the noticing eyes. People come to query you of your lifestyle and other related queries to achieve the body built. You feel like a competitive bodybuilder who feels he has yet to achieve the ideal physique.
  • Trying to get the physique to mask a physical or a mental injury and to get recognized. Trying to get back youth is one such instance.


  • You were motivating yourself to the achievement you made with your bodybuilding.
  • Encourage yourself and others around who is making physical progress.
  • Wanting more is always good but taking each moment and understanding that the journey to the end goal is more critical makes a big difference.
  • Understanding the healing behind the bodybuilding process and accepting yourself is essential. Your bodybuilding process is for your physical and mental strength and not for others.


From the above, it is evident that there is a psychology behind bodybuilding. It not only helps to build muscle physically but also strengthens your mental immunity. Psychologically it adds to lots of strength. It improves your consistency, patience, perseverance, determination, appreciation, and dedication towards your life. It is the most influential wisdom that most people consider to strengthen you mentally and physically to make a better individual.

Part II: Why We Continue To Work When Technology Can Make Our Lives Easier

Did you already read part one of this two-part post?

Innovative technology has aided all areas of human existence. From affordable home technologies to google images, technology has contributed and continues to contribute to the betterment of our daily lives.

How we communicate with each other has evolved, thanks to the internet. Not only that, we have also succeeded in simplifying numerous systemic operations through the utilization of advancing technology.

Productivity and convenience in our daily lives have also improved with information technology. We have gained access to any information with a simple click of a button. New gadgets and tools have been implemented to make things just a bit easier.

As a kid, I played outside with other neighborhood kids almost every day. There was always something to do and always a new game to play. We didn’t have iPhones or PS4s that essentially tethered us to a chair for hours at a time. We ran around and played under the sun while breathing in always fresh air. And naturally, we honed our social skills as ventured through the neighborhood.

Today, some of actually resist technology and resist to implement it to our daily lives because of our childhood. Some of us are just “stuck” in our childhood years when we were okay with not having a smartphone or a tablet. Those who resist technology do not wish to move on from traditional ways of living.

This is due to the fact that they simply lack the ability to see themselves in a seemingly complex world. In other words, those who resist modern technology want to live in a world that is simple. After all, it is easier to flip through magazines and newspapers than to set up the various settings in your iPhone.

With that said, I have personally embraced technology and continue to use it to make my life easier. It makes me laugh when I recall the times when I was the one that had to bring a 5 pound camera with film to family vacations. These days, the smartphones have double the capabilities of a handheld digital camera. We even have the selfie sticks now!

Going on trips with the family meant driving that family van. I remember when my parents would have to search through the newspaper to find a suitable vehicle for the family. They then had to show up to an office just to inquire about the car. Nowadays, one can conveniently click some buttons to order a brand new or used car/ motorcycle. Do you use Google? Or Bing?

And when we would finally return home and had to unload the car, we had to go downstairs to tell someone to unlock the car because we had forgotten something. It’s just so easy to text someone else in the house now to notify them about miscellaneous things. I can just text my brother downstairs to water the plants rather than yelling at him from the bedroom in hopes of him hearing me. Less noise is pretty cool, right?

Part I: Why We Continue To Work When Technology Can Make Our Lives Easier

Technology has improved the quality of life everywhere we look. However, we still continue to do things manually. For some, doing things the old-fashioned way versus the convenient, new way is still a no brainer. Or like they say, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

What we still do manually

Rumbas exist and yet not every home has one. We put our cars through giant car washing funnels, but when the weather is nice on a weekend there are still plenty of people hand washing their car. And when the weather isn’t nice? Most of us have adopted the use of snow blowers, but some of us are still lagging behind. It’s not like snow blowers are overwhelmingly expensive either because often they aren’t. And even if we do have snow blowers from time to time we’ll simply grab a shovel to do it the old fashioned way. Automation is available for some of the chores we have, yet we haven’t truly embraced it.

Why do we still work manually?

What is it about working with our hands? Is it a sense of accomplishment? Self-reliance? Maybe some of us just don’t trust technology enough to remove ourselves from the equation. Automation has removed a lot of jobs from the workforce putting us humans out on the streets looking for another way to make income. Jobs once available are now being occupied by lifeless robots. Maybe the fear of being replaced is why some of us choose to do things the old-fashioned way.


When we were all growing up we wanted to do things by ourselves. The older we got the more independent we wanted to be. Nothing has changed. Independence is a big influence on our actions. I’m not going to let a machine chop my vegetables because I can do it myself. I want to be in control of how thin or thick I cut them.


Doing work ourselves puts us in control. We determine the outcome and do not rely on anyone or anything to make final decisions. The truth is, people don’t have as much control in their lives as they might think. Something simple like cutting paper with scissors gives us control over how much is cut. Sure this is small, but some control is better than none.

Technology equals laziness

We could be looking at all of this the wrong way. Technology has made our lives easier. I can’t remember a phone number. I don’t need to since my phone has all of my contacts saved. That’s probably where the problem is. Relying too much on technology is a crutch. We as humans have become reliant and lazy. We already don’t hunt and gather our food. Cell phones keep us in touch without human interaction. Before long humans won’t need to leave their house. Everything will be delivered. It’s kind of already like that once you think about it.

People are going to continue to work manually even with technology advancing by leaps and bounds. That sense of self-accomplishment, no matter how minor, will continue to drive us as with independence.