Gene Winters

Founder and Head Author

I can’t help but rapidly case every person that walks by me in the streets or stare down unnoticeably the people I pass while shopping for something to eat, standing in a grocery store line all through seeing out of my peripheral view. I just watch and instantaneously I come to conclusions of how that person lives its whole life based on sudden small movements they don’t even take notice themselves that they are doing.

Like this man I’m seeing next to me right now sharing the red stop light with me in this red sedan twisting his head with a slight chin up from side to side as if he was the enthusiastic new fighter waiting on his name to be called so he can walk dominantly to the boxing ring to challenge the three years in a row champion fighter for his championship belt. Was this man next to me in this red sedan going for a promotion? Was he tired of life throwing trials and tribulations and he is now ready to not be a victim of it? Or maybe it is a combination of both those hypothesis. Maybe he was tired of life kicking him down and has now decided to go for the new promotion.

His hesitation to press on the gas when the light turned green indicated to me that he is lost in thought still thinking about how to go for what he wants, instead of just going out there and conquering the task. The light is green, I better accelerate and drive quickly as to not disturb the flow of things. I do not want anybody mad at me for interrupting their flow to work. It’s ten minutes to 8 am. I suspect I will be about 15 minutes late for work.

After retiring as a psychologist I took a job as a dishwasher to make a little extra cash to go out to places for entertainment. My retirement funds only cover the basics. Washing dishes is the furthest job I could find from being around a lot of people. I am in my section of the kitchen with my back turned towards the other workers and I work seemingly alone. Although this leaves room for a lot of thinking in my head. A lot of pondering about old clients and their diagnosis.

Debby Winters

Co-Founder and Co-Author

My name is Deborah and me and my husband, Gene, live here in LA. My husband Gene is a doctor, or I guess a psychologist, that practices here in California. I just landed a role as Elizabeth on one of the network daytime soaps filmed here. I play a female my same age and that is the only thing me and my character have in common.

It is interesting portraying a attractive 52 year old female, rich, all the right makeup and clothes, the perfect hairstyle, and at the same time play someone who has been married 5 times, 3 times to the same man. In real life, I have been married twice. Once way too young and then my second marriage to Gene. I guess you say our life together is simple and compared to the character I play, Boring!

It’s funny how I am portrayed to be so carefree, fickle, and self absorbed in my character role on the soaps. It looks so elementary on TV. In real life it is quite the opposite!

My day starts around 5 AM where I get up and head to the studio to start filming. I go in the studio and firat there is makeup, get into my character’s outfits, going over my lines, and fliming my scenes. It only take a matter of minutes when you are watching on your TV. Right? That four or five minutes takes total about 8 to 10 hours of worktime.

Then its off back to home where if I am lucky and my husband has not been called out on call or an patient emergency has not occurred, we might be able to steal a dinner together and some private time. Of course, remember I got to go my lines for tommorrow filming.

An aspiring 52 year female daytime actress and her real life doctor. Sounds just fabulous! Right? Not really I just a working girl with a husband like the majority of my viewers. I just get free hair and makeup as part of my job!